Tuesday, 11 October 2016


In the book Wonder, one theme is friends stand by each other through difficult times. Summer shows she is a loyal friend to Auggie by standing by him during the Plague. Auggie is upset because he realizes none of his classmates will touch him, and, if they do, they immediately wash their hands. For example, during science class Auggie accidentally bumps Tristan’s hand. Tristan panics, drops his materials, and rushes over to the lab sink to remove Auggie’s germs. This hurts Auggie’s feelings. Summer is true friend because she refuses to participate in the Plague. Instead, she continues to eat lunch with Auggie and play handball with him at recess. Summer helps Auggie get through a very difficult time when he is being isolated at school. Friendship is also shown later in the story when Jack, Amos, Henry and Miles stand up for Auggie on the class field trip. In particular, when Jack and Auggie encounter a group of seventh graders, they make fun of Auggie’s facial deformity. Jack, Amos, Henry and Miles stand up for Auggie telling the bullies to stop. The boys then work together to remove Auggie from the dangerous situation. Jack, Amos, Henry and Miles show that they are Auggie’s trusted friends because they willingly get between him and the bullies. They put their own safety at risk to protect Auggie. As a result of their courageous action, Auggie understands that Jack, Amos, Henry and Miles care about him and accept him. In summary, in the book Wonder, the actions of Summer, Jack, Amos, Henry and Miles towards Auggie reveal the theme of friendship as the characters support Auggie in challenging situations.

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